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quantity: 10

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quantity: 6

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quantity: 5

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quantity: 5

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quantity: 3

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quantity: 1

In this section, a coloring with heroes of a bright, colourful, kind cartoon film of Luntik hotly favourite by kids will give all the best. It will be interesting to children to decorate heroes of the favourite cartoon film, such as with Luntik, his friend a grasshopper of Kuzja, Pchelenok, the whimsical and kind small insect Is lovely, wild bees of grandfather Sher and woman Kapa sheltered Luntika at home, glowworms shone in the dark, small bugs, hardworking ants, naughty and lazy caterpillars of Vupsen and Pupsen– dreaming to become butterflies, Kornej Ivanovich hardworking worm, beauties of the butterfly – simply mad about the beauty, outwardly terrible, but kind in a nutria, the talented spider of Shnjuk who are keeping order in a pond a gudgeon of Ivanovich, a silly and noisy bloodsucker, a cancer of Chiki-brjak, a terrible pike-kljuka – which not who didn't see)))), bright and naughty small small fishes, not usual bugs swimming, old and not an agile turtle the aunt – Motja.

Luntik and the cart with jam
It is painted: 26999

Roots of Korneich under an umbrella
It is painted: 13264

Roots of Korneich under an umbrella
It is painted: 13967

Luntik with a bag of gifts
It is painted: 20484

Gudgeon of Ivanovich
It is painted: 12040

The small milla insect Is lovely with toys
It is painted: 12267

Spider of Shnjuk with toys
It is painted: 14158

Caterpillar of Pupsen and sheet
It is painted: 13939

Ыmall insect Milla
It is painted: 12799

Small bee and strawberry
It is painted: 15296