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quantity: 10

Dora explorer

quantity: 6

Diego Go

quantity: 5

For the smallest

quantity: 5

Winx Club

quantity: 3

Mickey Mouse

quantity: 1

In this section, a coloring with heroes of a cartoon film of Vinks School of magicians or Winx Club will give all the best. What little girl doesn't dream to be the fairy, the magician, the princess? All it is in this remarkable cartoon film, it is not surprising that any girl, will paint with the great pleasure heroes of a cartoon serial of Vinks: six fairies and magicians, main Blum - the princess the foundress of club, Flora – the beauty operating plants, Stella - the princess from a planet the Sun deck, Tekna - understands every possible technologies, the Zenith comes from a planet, the Muse - the charming cheerful fairy, dialogue and flirtation is her fad, Lejla - the princess from a planet of water Andros, and also witches from the Cloudy Tower: Aysi, Darsi and Stormi whom Triks are called.

The favourite of small princesses - Bloom
It is painted: 17016

Tecna, one of the best schoolgirls in Alfee
It is painted: 9878

Flora from club Winx
It is painted: 9096