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quantity: 10

Dora explorer

quantity: 6

Diego Go

quantity: 5

For the smallest

quantity: 5

Winx Club

quantity: 3

Mickey Mouse

quantity: 1

In this section, a coloring with heroes of a cartoon film of Diego forward or Diego Go will give all the best. As Diego is eight-year cousin Dashi heroes from two cartoon films can mix up in a different coloring. Traditionally cartoon film about Diego, the great friend of animals and understanding their language, in every possible way helping them and helping them from any troubles, is pleasant to girls more and it will be very interesting to them to paint scenes from a cartoon film about Diego with his sister Alisoj, a magic backpack «Reskju пак» comprising all necessary that Diego is necessary for rescue of animals and a camera of cliques with which help, it is possible to find everybody and anywhere

Diego Go Go Go
It is painted: 9312

Diego and lama
It is painted: 9765

Go Diego Go!
It is painted: 9103

Diego Go
It is painted: 7358

The kid a jaguar
It is painted: 11848